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    Hi Fred,

    Bixby's modeling language supports many ideas that come from the ontology world: with Bixby, you can define declarative models of concepts that make use of multi-inheritance, support cardinality restrictions on properties, cardinality constraints on inputs to actions, and so forth.  In addition, Bixby comes with a number of recommended libraries that define concepts and actions for common types such as currency, date/time, geo, and so forth. 

    That said, Bixby's view of ontologies diverges quite strongly from more classical approaches to semantic web, etc.  We take a much more distributed view, believing that there will not be a single ontology that meets all application needs.  As such, we do not promote a "core" ontology in a strong way, such that every concept must inherit or use what we provide.  If you want to create your own currency model or date/time model, you are free to do so, and we have given you all the same tools that we used to create ours.  If two different restaurant providers decide to agree and share a common model of what a restaurant looks like, then that's great, but if they want to define their own unique models, that's fine too. Our "Dynamic Program Generation" approach helps smooth out disfluencies in the ontological space, because if there are two concepts R' and R'', and someone has defined an action that converts R' into R'', then that conversion step will automatically be inserted where needed to allow an action that outputs R' to work with an action that requires R'' as an input.  

    We expect that all domain-related knowledge (e.g. about Stonehenge, monoliths, etc.) to be provided by the experts in the world interested in those, not by Samsung.  If groups or standards organizations want to get together to define something in common, then that's fantastic, but Samsung won't take an active role in organizing that.

    Hopefully this gives a bit of insight in where we're coming from...


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