Support for Deeplink to capsule from Companion App


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    Surasit N

    The basic deeplink (to go to the capsule info page in the Marketplace) is now working as:


    However, I have an additional request. Please consider implementing deeplinks that can get really into the capsule. For example:

    Basically, if there is utterance argument to that deep link, it means to actually launch Bixby, get on to that capsule, and say that sentence to the capsule. In the above example, it would bring up Bixby and get into myorg.lightswitch and then feed the first utterance "turn on the lights" to that capsule.This will be helpful to not only promote the capsule but to tell the capsule to do a specific thing, or activate a specific feature. 
    There might be some concerns about security or privacy. What we might want to do are:

    1) Have a validation on the utterance at the time of request (e.g. utterance must be known words of those particular languages that the capsule supports without having special characters, and there should be utterance length limit that is long enough to support a reasonably long sentence).

    2) When the request is executed, have a confirmation pop-up to let the user know that it will launch the <capsule name> and will automatically say <the utterance> for the user. User can allow it in order to proceed, or disallow to cancel that.

    3) The document that shows how to use the deeplinks should advise developers not to include secret or private information in the utterance argument.

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